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This blog has been moved to Wordpress.org for several reasons.

However, I still feel that for beginners or even others, Blogger is the better choice in many cases. It is free, they are always adding new features - and for me - in some respects I find it much more user friendly.

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Revisit Ways to Help the EASY way!

Stop! Are you thinking that to help Shelly get 6720 squares to have put together as afghans for the kids that attend Camp Sanguinity means you and your friends have to crochet or knit tons of squares, causing your fingers to go numb because of carpal tunnel, your children to be unfed, your husband to be ignored (more than you MEANT to? Guess what! It really doesn’t.

I think many of us - when we mention it to others or in our self conversations - come across as if we want LOTS of squares from them. We are so used to being asked to give all. Even I was thinking that way, losing sight of her REAL quest: to have each afghan show the love of FORTY different people. (Well actually make that minimum of 41 because someone has to crochet them all together).

So, what that means is as few as one or two per person and you have helped! Of course, you could do more, in case not enough people participated or in case they DID and she can start donating them to other camps. So, what is needed is LOTS of people doing VERY LITTLE!

With that thought in mind, if you can do lots, great! Others have and more will have the time, but many don’t have the time, why they are wasting it reading this - or are they? I may have an idea that will work for you or someone you know!

It is you out there that is willing to do just one or two or three that REALLY will make this project be as she envisioned it.

So, let’s rethink how we approach people, remind them that this is SHARE a SQUARE, not give us everything you have. Maybe then more people will have time to participate. All they have to do is make one SIX inch square, then make a little tag with name and location (or just use your business card) and tie it on and stuff it in an envelope.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have that twinkle in your eye, that hint of suggestion in your voice, that smile on your face that says, “but I really really want to see you do a bunch!”

I know if you told me just one I would be more apt to do it than if you told me twenty, although I have managed to get eight done.

I give you, Ways to get more people to do it with you:

- The easiest way: simply ask, it actually worked for me, I was floored!

- Challenge your friends, coworkers, neighbors!

- Challenge the men to put out! (You know what I mean!)

- Invite them over for a desert and coffee and a knit just one square night/afternoon.

- Invite couples over and let the men (unless they do needlework) just do the guy thing and hang out by the pool or over the pool table or in front of the TV while you all knit or crochet a square. They will love the opportunity to spend just a few hours with the guys and you will get to chat without them rolling their eyes or saying, “yeah, right!”

- Bribe those that knit or crochet that have tons of kids and really need to relax - offer to watch the kids for a few hours so they can knit or crochet a square! (OK, I may be pushing my luck now with that idea!)

- If you can knit or crochet, offer to show your neighbors or friends how easy it is (OK, so I haven’t learned to crochet yet, I can knit though.)

- Teach your school age or teenage daughter and her friends. Once they have learned enough to pull off a decent square, let her have her friends over for a girls night, get them a movie for later, snacks, whatever teenagers are in to now. Then show them an easy pattern for a scarf or hat.

- Get the whole family involved on family night! The little ones can stamp or color tags, the one who knits or crochets can do his or her thing, finishing touches or making more, the others can write out tags or further embellish them, someone can punch the hole, tie it on, address the envelope, put the stamp(s) on, and the littlest can put it in the envelope. See how easy it is! Then have a fun desert or play a game the kids have been begging you to play, heck just do Ring around the Rosy or I spy. Make it fun. Count your blessings!

- Write a letter to a relative or friend you have practically ignored for years, tell them you just need ONE little square made, send them the yarn, send them a beautiful photo, a peppermint candy, a cute card. Here is your EXCUSE to write that note you have been meaning to. Send the website url if they use computers.

- Have your children write a letter or allow them to type their first email!

- Do it for yourself if for no other reason, just get lost in the meditative qualities of knitting or crocheting, that quiet rhythm that slows your breathing and quiets your brain. . . and that quietness will envelope a child in love. You will have made a difference to one child by one square, a few minutes (hours?) of your time, even if scattered here and there over several days will affect more lives than just yours — obviously the child receiving the afghan will have the warmth and cuddle factor, the people around the child, especially, will appreciate the time involved and the love behind the time, as they probably have little to give others, and - you will have shown others it can be done, the children around you, especially will have seen that it can be fit in.

You may not be able to fix the world, but you can fix one tiny corner of someone’s heart and expectations of what can be. And that, y’all is one heck of a long term investment in someone’s life that will be passed on down the generations!

NOTE! This is one post you can copy, take pieces of, rephrase, whatever. You don’t need to give me credit or link back here, run with it. . . This does not just apply to Shelly’s Share A Square Project - but to any project. Brainstorming is my favorite thing to do other than tumble words out of my head onto a keyboard. I probably could have come up with more, but I have squares to tag and box up - and I have goofed off long enough! And yes, I am putting this on all my blogs, even their old versions still on Blogspot. Duplicate content, but, hopefully worth your time to read ONCE.

Share a Square, then take on the rest of the world!

What a way to revise your thinking on helping!


Moving to Wordpress.org

Had I just made that one phone call to understand one little detail these would have gone over days ago, weeks ago. Using Fantastico on my host site, lunarpages, to load Wordpress.org 2.2.1 was easy once I realized what to name the directories. Using the import tab in Wordpress on the admin page brought my blogs over with no problems - so quickly - it seemed impossible - though I did lose a few comments, not sure why, but as much as I love your comments unless someone tells me a quick way to figure it out, I am NOT hunting through them all! And Mr. Murphy, it better not be the most important comments of all! I've had enough of your Murphy's Law stuff recently.

I still have to find instructions to add no follow wherever it needs to be, add back all those cute little (and necessary) linked buttons, and find a template I love love love! Yes, I know I should have transferred just one at a time -- but hey, I may have forgotten the directions by then!

I have gotten conflicting info on 301 redirects - anyone with an opinion or facts, feel free to share it please!

There will be changes and experimentation and more of the same - and who knows what I will get done when, but now it all feels like fun again.

So, please move to the new blogs to comment, I will try to get the no follow off (if it's on??) later today, I think I have to download FTP software first, still learning.

http://shh-speakup.com (that one is changing a lot soon!)

(I did not move my poetry blog, meeaugraphie.com to wordpress - yet - because it is on its own domain.)

Still some things about Blogger I like better and they are adding all the time -- For a first blog I still prefer them over Wordpress. com - much easier to use!


RVs Are Everywhere

We drove through the mountains yesterday, on business, so we couldn't stop to play more than a few extra minutes at lunch, after the job was done. I honestly wish I had remembered to count the number of RV's of all shapes and sizes we passed in both directions. It was like they were playing Chinese Checkers, moving all their men to the opposite side of the board. East heading West and West heading East.

It was a good thing we are both responsible people; if not, we may have just abandoned the van, bought an RV (by signing our lives away), and taken off down the back roads to visite every river and mountain out there. But. . . reality set in before immaturity or plain stupidity could take hold.

As it was, we saw beautiful scenery:
  • water flowing over rocks both down mountainsides and in rivers
  • remnants of snow peeking through trees
  • contrasts of new growth light greens versus old growth dark greens
  • lots of broken rocks near the side of the road (beautiful, but scary)
  • calm reflective waters and raging rapids
  • blue skies and whisps of clouds
  • sunshine and shade
  • curving roads that lead to hidden places and straight roads that seemed to go on forever
  • wildflowers in purples and white
  • birds on the tippy top of trees
  • people having a moment of peace at the side of a river
  • forests and pastures
  • cows and alpacas and goats
  • bicyclists in a rainbow of primary colors, muscles working hard heading for somewhere
I know we saw more. I know we saw enough for the few hours we were on the road. But I long to see more of the same and more of different.

I only hope that my ability to be content with less won't be lost with each future trip. I'm still able to pull it off. . . but each day it gets a bit harder. How about you? Do you want more?

Photos will follow. Computer woes interfere with posting.


Check out these two RVer blogs!

OK! Let's address the original thought behind this blog, Rving of the traditional kind, in a vehicle wheels and a toilet (thank goodness) and sink. For years now, I have read (more than not) two RV blogs. They are both full time RVers, and although they are following very different lifestyles, they both have a things in common:

  • Full time RVers who love natural settings with gorgeous views
  • Pay close attention to budgets and share them with their readers
  • Take awesome photos of the places they visit.
  • Respond with pleasure to their comments and questions asked.
  • Love the life they are leading
  • Share things they have learned
  • Earn some income through blog related activities
There differences - well a few obvious ones:
  • George drives a Class C (George, I hope I have that right.) Howard and Linda pull a 5th Wheeler.
  • George camps alone as much as possible in the real wilderness or on roadsides
  • Howard and Linda camp at RV parks and parks a lot.
I'll stop listing now, let you find out for yourselves. So, not interested really in RVers? How about interesting personalities? No? OK. Then I will share the other reason to read their blogs: the most gorgeous photos you can imagine of nature in its glory. I have seen views that make me want to just abandon this house, call Leon's boss for him to tell them he quit (I know he would thank me later. . . yeah, I live in a dream world). Of course, that wouldn't work, we would have no RV, no house, a debt (mortgage) to repay, and most likely no sanity. So, I continue to dream. But for now, I reinforce my dream by viewing America as they see it:

Tell them an RVer wannabe sent you, just don't expect them to know which one! There are a lot of us out there.


Revised Values

I don't know that my values have really been revised as much as allowing myself the opportunity to live them more often or with more conviction. Are you living up to your values? Do you have values that you feel you have adopted only because they were convenient, that perhaps stronger, more honest values are lurking beneath the surface?

Funny, when I have written that phrase, lurking beneath the surface, in recent weeks, it feels ominous, or at best, yuckky. I picture a slimy pile of algae as the surface, and monsters lurking beneath. . . yet, surface can be the crumbly crust sprinkled with ground nuts over a fruit cobbler filled with flavor and comfort. Hmmm. Perhaps that is where I need to start, thinking about the values I have associated with phrases. . . Which under the surface vision pops up in your head recently?


Dona Nobis Pacem


This post is duplicated on two other blogs because I believe in the words I wrote recently on peace.

Click on the globe above to visit Mimi Lenox to view the other globes flown for peace. We can make a difference, both in our little world and in our extended world. I believe very strongly that each individual can make a difference. Click here to read my words on peace.

May each one of us make an effort to set an example of peace, to influence those growing up, to remember that peace is as much about accepting differences as anything else.


Unconscious Mutterings - Too Late

Unconscious Mutterings free association today was much fun! That is all her meme requires from you, just associate. I have found it fun to write a poem from the 20 words, her ten and my ten! If you don't already do her meme, you may want to try it. It is amazing what comes out of our minds. And if you are feeling adventurous, write a poem or story using the words, keeping them in order! But remember, if you do to link back to her meme since you are using it.

  1. Savage :: beast
  2. Warrior :: man
  3. Daisy :: chain
  4. Schedule :: me
  5. Rock, paper, scissors :: paper
  6. Medical :: student
  7. Jade :: ring
  8. Elevator :: path
  9. Drain :: me
  10. Goldfish :: bowl

Those words became:

Too Late

This savage beast
this warrior man
sits, legs crossed
lost in memories
of a battered daisy chain
thrown at him
in disgust on the day
his heart

too late

His schedule, back then
(or so he told her
in as much truth as he could muster)
would not allow such
trivial pursuits as
Rock, paper, scissors.

Paper, she said as he
turned to paint another
black line through her hope

Medical travesty
could not compare
with damage caused
by simple ignorance
of human needs

He was a student
by his description only
for he sat impatiently
at her side, his mind
on work or failure
or success or cannots

he was the man
who would stand
as she dropped
her father's jade ring
the only physical evidence
of his existence
and watch disinterested

as she leaped from the elevator
to the darkness below,
skinned her bony knees
rubbed each finger raw
while searching the sandpaper
path for that connection

Her words tumbled out,
"You drain me
like the toddler
drained the goldfish bowl
to reach the marbles,"
as she
remembered the fish
as it tried in vain
to swim the humid air.
"I will flounder in
wait no longer."

She tossed her daisy chain
at him as she grabbed
another's lifeline.

This savage beast
this warrior man
sits, legs crossed
lost in memories
of a battered daisy chain
thrown at him
in disgust on the day
his heart

too late.


This is, thank goodness, not an autobiography. . . Please do not copy my words without permission. Thank you. I would prefer you link so the link to Unconscious Mutterings remains intact, after all -- it is her initial ten words that prompted me to write!


Happy Anniversary, Leon

I have revised my life and revisited my values over our 33 married years. I have lived citified and almost countrified (finally!). We have created our own recreational vehicles for fun over the years: together we have bowled, golfed, partied, entertained, biked, swimmed, sailed, danced, acted crazy (and in one show together), attended plays, watched movie or TV, played with our son and niece, tramped through Disney World and Sea World (and Disney Quest), wandered around stores and towns, laughed together, and so on.

Separately he acted, competed in darts, bowled, and sailed, watched movies or TV, played with our son, golfed, partied.

Separately, I danced, wrote poetry, wrote stories, played on the computer, played with our son and niece, watched TV, walked.

Different activities at different times in different amounts for different time periods, together or apart. . . We found our own recreational vehicles for our lives. . . sometimes they overlapped, sometimes they didn't. Now, to find more.

An RV is our dream for our next recreational vehicle. Will we pull it off? I hope so, but if we don't, I am sure we will revise or revisit and find something to use for our next recreational vehicle! And speaking of finding them, today on our anniversary, we climb into our next recreational vehicle together: For thirty days we will play along together in Script Frenzy. . . wouldn't it be cool if that became the means to our RV?

I hope you are still using and finding your new ones.


I was thinking about new glasses and RVing

When someone RVs full time, I am told, they plan for dentist appointments, labs, and xrays, and doctor appointments back at their "home base", scheduling as many appointments or procedures as possible for the time they are there. I am assuming most RVers also think to schedule their optometrist appointments then as well. If you are a person who does not need glasses or contacts, your time is probably coming. Just one word of advice (or two or more):

  • Glasses are made on site by few places. You are quoted 7-10 days to get the lenses made and back to the optometrist. So, be sure you will be around that long! On that note, if you cannot see well enough to drive or function without your glasses, you may want to start saving now for a second pair to hold you over for those 7- 10 days.
  • That 7-10 days stretches really quick into 14-20 days if the lab or optometrist messes up your prescription. I'm afraid you would be unpleasantly surprised if you knew how often that occurs. I have had it happen several times (in different states). So, add to the doubled time the few extra days of "hold" time, also known as, "You just need to try them out for several days first, your eyes have to adjust. We cannot send them back or send you back to our optometrist for a recheck until you have tried them."
  • Ask if you can return them somewhere else if they need to be repaired under warranty and you are 3000 miles away merrily camping and grilling away. It may be that a national or several region wide chain is what you need and there are a lot of resources for that: Costco, Sears, Walmart, and national eyeglass chains, just for examples.
  • One other tip, there are eyeglass repair shops that carry full line of clip on dark glasses for any shape lenses. It is amazing how many they carry.
  • If you can hold out until a half price sale of some kind, do. Glasses are so expensive, seriously, they are going to have to have a Farm Aid or similar just to buy glasses for people. . . . Dare you to call and see how much just progressive lenses are with anti-glare coating -- just the lenses, forget the fancy smancy frames, just price the lenses. We got half off on our lenses (because we saved more than the limited buy one get one free for lenses and frames -- I know I questioned it, too, but did the math.)
  • One afterthought, it was also mentioned that if my glasses still aren't right, sometimes the actual material used to make the lenses can be "wrong". I just can't wait for my glasses to come back.
OK, I can't resist telling you, so you can start saving now!

Three pair glasses and frames, 2 of which had progressive lenses with anti-reflective coating, and one special safety frame and lenses without the coating: 774.85 (and the safety frames were only 24.95). The credit card interest alone scares me.

Now, in honesty, you may be able to find the lenses cheaper. . . we waited so long to get our eyes rechecked, I grabbed the first national half off coupon and drug Leon over there - and then didn't use that coupon but their in store special. "Do as I say and not as I do."

My first 7-10 day wait from a Friday night turned into only about 3, but I couldn't get there until the following Friday night (figures) and they weren't right and it was a holiday weekend, you know the routine, just try them. So, I did. Tuesday, the optometrist reexamined me and I was told the lab had not followed her instructions exactly on one lens. . . but she then CHANGED the prescription back to my previous prescription. And off to the lab went my new "cool" glasses so Leon read the lunch menu to me. He had suggested we donate our old glasses that very Friday we picked up the new ones. I knew better. So, now, they won't even let me buy my safety glasses until the first glasses come back. . . So, IF they get it right this time, then I have to wait another 7-10 days for those and hope the lab gets that set right. So, no earthquakes or errant limbs on the hill until I get them. OK?


Actively making a difference

Are you actively making a difference?

You probably are even if you feel you are not. Each time you smile or hug or shed a tear in sympathy in front of someone, you are making a difference in their heart.

Each time you acknowledge a person's existence, you are making a difference, you are adding to their reasons for taking another step when they feel least like it, when their own self-worth is injured, however temporarily.

Could you make a bigger difference?

Most of us, have to answer that with a resounding, "Yes!"

How are you going to make a difference?

I have a few small ways in the works. . . So, here is a toast to the differences we all make and the hope we will all push ourselves to make a bigger difference. Cheers.

Watch for news of my active way of creating peaceful moments within.


Unconscious Mutterings, plus

This week's words for the Unconscious Mutterings meme are below, along with my muttered words. I have chosen to take the 20 words in order to then write a poem or story. It is so much fun! Please, if you decide after you have done the free association meme to do as I have and create your own poem or story, make sure, as a courtesy, you remember to give a link back to her site as you would in the original meme. And even if you hate poetry, you may want to participate in her meme, which is the free association part. That is fun for everyone!
  1. Dancer :: belly
  2. Intellectual :: wizard
  3. Direct :: confrontation
  4. Tolerate :: maybe
  5. Post :: secrets
  6. Instinctive:: I am
  7. Brink :: destruction
  8. Regain :: composure
  9. Repulsed :: yuck
  10. Distressed :: not
I do occasional change tense or form of one or two words - poetic license, you know.


She, a dancer,
tossed her belly fat
with wild abandon
in contrast
to her intellectual mind
that created words a wizard
would be envious of.

In direct confrontation she
rarely rose to the challenge,
but cowered.

tolerate change?
Maybe, though
post secrets
told a different story
of following instinctive steps
more than to tolerate sidesteps
or forward marches.

I am, she screamed, on the brink
of destruction!

He reached out and licked her cheek,
a man's fumbled attempt at dealing
with a crisis he did not understand.
Rather than to gain composure
(as he had hoped)
she threw herself onto the chair
repulsed at the dampness on her cheek
and vomited the word, yuck.

He stood, distressed at his wrong doing,
but daring to stand his ground
(he was, after all, a man).

Not for one moment had she doubted
his motivation, only his execution of it.
The hormones subsided hours later
(yes, it took that long).

His dancer,
tossed her belly fat
with wild abandon
in contrast
to her intellectual mind
once again.

PMS, by natural definition was over,
she had survived the alternate definition
both would return again.
(After all, nature will always be
he was man, and loved confrontation)


Copying our words is unappreciated. Sharing by link is. I am using NiñaLuna's Unsconscious Mutterings words in her order in my poem with permission. . . all she asks is a link back. . . more than fair, don't you think! That is all I ask for my own. . . Thank you.


Link to Walmart Woman - too funny

I look at a lot of RV related blogs as I dream. There is one site that specializes in RV related videos. This video is not about RVing, but because so many RVers overnight at Walmart, this was posted.

It is funny! You will be singing it later possibly, but hey, what's one more song in our heads.

Walmart Woman


Unconscious Mutterings as a Recreational Vehicle

LunaNiña's meme, Unconscious Mutterings, is ten words shared for us, in her words, to have,"Free association fun!" I kept meaning to play along, I even have it on my RSS feed, but I get lost in my own ramblings.

Today, I could resist no more -- I did the free association and then turned it into a poem, keeping the words in the same order, but, of course, adding some. . . I have no idea if anyone else has done this, but cannot imagine I had an original idea. . . These are WONDERFUL prompts for poems or stories. . . and the great thing is that once we have written using all of them, the possible good or gibberish that comes out of them may prompt great stories or poems from pieces.

My free associations felt a bit weak, and this time, I went back and added my thoughts on them in parenthesis, just for the pure heck of it:

  1. Coastguard :: men (oh, yeah, lots of men)
  2. Buddies :: not (I know where that came from)
  3. Nap :: tired (well, I am)
  4. Groan :: yeah (what was I thinking?)
  5. Sitcom :: not (I just don't like the word "sitcom")
  6. Reader :: me (I love to read)
  7. Heroes :: them (so, so many of them out there)
  8. Amazing :: them (was my mind stuck?)
  9. Woman :: yes (and excited I am NOT a man)
  10. Don’t! :: you (maybe a song line in my head?)

That fun exercise became this rambling thought/poem:

Some coast guard(ing) men
are buddies, not
(by the definition he told me
from his Navy years),
they nap when tired
when duty calls
they jump up
(and groan -- yeah, they are
after all, human)

the reader (me, if no one else)
see heroes among them
and amazing thinkers
and amazing bodies, too, (of course)
though only by imagination as they
are wearing clothes and a woman knows
clothes do hide a multitude of sins,
and, yes, I am not so sure some
men don't know it as well
though you men fake your
lack of knowledge well,
after all,
you are human, too.


For those of you who might think my poem worth copying, please don't, link back instead so the link to LunaNiña's meme is intact! I couldn't have written them without her words, too. Thank you.

It was so much fun, I think I will do it every week and maybe go back and do old ones as well. . .
One person's play, is another's prompt.
Try it, it could become the Recreational vehicle for your genius!

How will you alter this Recreational Vehicle?


RV Reflection One

is life

by souls
who carry
their homes
in their hearts

not because
they are afraid
to leave homes behind

but because
they are brave enough
to create homes

wherever they are.


Please, honor my words by not copying them without permission, though links are welcome. Thank you.

Note: If you stumbled on this blog via the word Poetry, please click here to go to my poetry blog, MeeAugraphie. Once you have read your fill, feel free to also follow links in the sidebar there to Haiku and Poetry Thursday, two wonderful blogs that give us a lot of weekly inspiration! For that matter, follow any of the links to those that commented on my poems -- they are most all either writers or poets -- and all interesting!

The idea? Calling all RVer poets

(Note to Leon: how quickly you forget it was I who suggested I start yet another blog to document our future RV experiences - in the car, on the way to our friend's house. Yes, we did, totally misunderstand each other about the purpose of this blog, I just thought you were being clever because I am a poet at heart.)

So, any RVers out there who would like to see their poem published here? This could be your recreational vehicle for getting your playful words out there without the bother of keeping up a blog - or just to get to a different audience. Just email, it really would be fun to have a section of RVer poetry, after all, although we would all have a lot in common, we would all be so different, minds and emotions are so varied.

For now, my poetry will have to suffice. In the meantime we are brainstorming jobs we could both do on the road to support ourselves, because we certainly won't live in the lap of luxury, but more like the gutters, I just hope clean ones. But at this point, even gutters feel right to me. . . (That so did not sound right!) Leon can do most anything as a job, he is quite coordinated and one of those men not afraid of hard work; I am the problem child, and as such, my mind keeps leaping for things for Leon to do!

Perhaps it is time to treat my writing as a job and try to get paid to think. After all, I spend all day thinking. . . . hmmm.


A non poetic entry


Yes! The title for this blog site was my idea, but I had not planned on having to be responsible for the content. MeeAugraphie is the poet in this partnership and, if I may say so, a good one.

When I suggested the idea and title for this blog I envisioned a site for RVers who are are (or not) poets, emerging poets, or just someone who enjoys poetry. Little did I know (but should have) that she would take it in a totally different direction, a direction that is a definite improvement on my original idea.

As for myself I am a performing artist, you create it and I will find a way to present it in an interesting and entertaining way, both orally and visually. I will of course, offer my opinion freely and often, right or wrong, and sometimes it seems as though the later is the case.

That's it for now
I must milk a cow


Happy Mother's Day

Children are oft times recreational vehicles
for their parents, meaning in their wonderment
and spontaneous
joy of everyday things they remind us:
play is very much a part of our lives and
if we observe how they do it, we can relearn.

May your children
or neighboring children
act as recreational vehicles
for you today

-- may they show you the value
in laughter and play today!

That may just be the best
Mother's Day present
you can receive - or give,
I hope you are playing along.



Life is about choice. If you think about it, every moment of our life involves choice. We either do or we don't. We think we are spending time thinking or planning or even procrastinating, but reality is that every moment we are doing those three things we have made the choice to do those three things and the choice NOT to do anything else for that moment in time.

That scared the heck out of me when I realized that each moment in time involves our making choices. Even if we measure it in minutes rather than moments, the numbers are as staggering as infinity felt when we first learned it in school.

Then I realized that each choice is a domino waiting to fall; its direction determined by one moment's choice. That excites me as much as watching each domino fall in a gymnasium full of dominoes in an intricate pattern that took days to build, knowing how difficult it was to put each one carefully in place without destroying the rest repeatedly and admiring the creators for their work - and patience. But it also scares me, knowing the effect one choice can make on all of us. We all "know" it, but for me the dominoes "show" it. . .

Which way will your next moment's choice cause the dominos to fall - the right way or the wrong way? More importantly, perhaps, have you the patience to start again if you need to and haven't hurt someone else in the process? Can you repair the damage your moment caused? Or was your moment one that lifted someone instead?

You have more moments. Make your choice count and shove the dominoes the kind way, both for you and for others. Life is choice; choice is life. Makes it simple doesn't it, but at the same time it really complicates it.


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First - I have put this photo on my other blog, but I love it and it is appropriate for RV Poetry's first photo, don't you think? This is on the water next to one of the WA ferry terminals. There is a huge expanse of water and more mountains. In spite of the ferry terminal there was little traffic that day. You can see for miles and miles (sing it). I knew that day that come hell or high water I was going to RV, but then, if I were in Hell (unless a town by that name) I wouldn't have much of a view. If I were in high water, my RV would be flooded, so let me rephrase that: I knew that day that an RV lifestyle was exactly what my mind had been searching for all those years. . . .

So, let's try and keep this blog organized -- a bit more than my other ones -- by setting up categories from the beginning.

Let's see, the obvious one: RV
Next most obvious ones would be: ReVised Living, ReVisited Values

Hmmm, how about: Citified, Countrified, Stagnant, Active, Boring, Enthralling, Peaceful, Hectic, Long, Short, Intelligent, Dumb, Comedic, Tragic.

Looks like I built in categories in my blog description without even trying! Now, unless someone comes up with more, I'll start with these.

Wait! Wait, wait.

I forgot poetry. Well, maybe. I have a poetry blog and I like its title, MeeAugraphie, as strange as it is, and it has become a pseudonym of sorts. But, knowing me, since I throw a poem or two in my Tumbled Words, among others, I'll throw some in here, despite that poetry in the title was more a reference to the poetry of living life and I did promise some in my first post. So, yes, OK, I talked myself into it: Poetry.

There won't be certain days for certain things like I assign post types in two of my blogs -- because if we pull off getting the actual RV, who knows what or when we will be doing anything.

So, to whomever is along for the ride, whether a quick one, choppy one, or extended. Thank you. Oops, I forgot Photo. . . and I even have one on this post. See y'all around.

And for the record, I will try for more use of the Short category than the Long one.



Yes, yet another blog, and though I tend to like variety within one blog rather than a single niche, this one will be more restricted on topics.

You fell for that? Then you must be a new reader, welcome!

In RV Poetry you will find occasional poetry of the written kind as well as life poetry: photos and sound bites -- and -- RVs.

You may, however, find my interpretation of RVs a bit broad or even eccentric at times; you did pick up on that in the description, right? ReVised living, ReVisited values and Recreational Vehicles. I purposely built in a bit of flexibility for content, not wanting to misrepresent. Ah, you are catching on to my need to wander off subject occasionally.

As for the title, Leon came up within seconds of my asking for suggestions! Thank you, Leon!

But yes, we have been to eight RV shows in three cities in 2.5 years (the eighth today, 4 hours of walking). Started out looking at every size, now we are concentrating on around 24 feet, give or take. We'll see what happens. We wanted to RV full time and life realities preclude that for now, but that subject definitely fits in the Revised Living category as well as Revisited Values. Again, we'll see what happens.

Check back soon, but I won't be writing every day here at first. . . so, let your curiosity be satisfied simply by clicking on the RSS feed (for now, in the address bar of your browser). You wouldn't want to miss a photo would you?

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We blog there, too: Parenthetical Words and Limey. There is more than just blogging going!

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