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Had I just made that one phone call to understand one little detail these would have gone over days ago, weeks ago. Using Fantastico on my host site, lunarpages, to load Wordpress.org 2.2.1 was easy once I realized what to name the directories. Using the import tab in Wordpress on the admin page brought my blogs over with no problems - so quickly - it seemed impossible - though I did lose a few comments, not sure why, but as much as I love your comments unless someone tells me a quick way to figure it out, I am NOT hunting through them all! And Mr. Murphy, it better not be the most important comments of all! I've had enough of your Murphy's Law stuff recently.

I still have to find instructions to add no follow wherever it needs to be, add back all those cute little (and necessary) linked buttons, and find a template I love love love! Yes, I know I should have transferred just one at a time -- but hey, I may have forgotten the directions by then!

I have gotten conflicting info on 301 redirects - anyone with an opinion or facts, feel free to share it please!

There will be changes and experimentation and more of the same - and who knows what I will get done when, but now it all feels like fun again.

So, please move to the new blogs to comment, I will try to get the no follow off (if it's on??) later today, I think I have to download FTP software first, still learning.

http://shh-speakup.com (that one is changing a lot soon!)

(I did not move my poetry blog, meeaugraphie.com to wordpress - yet - because it is on its own domain.)

Still some things about Blogger I like better and they are adding all the time -- For a first blog I still prefer them over Wordpress. com - much easier to use!

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