Unconscious Mutterings, plus

This week's words for the Unconscious Mutterings meme are below, along with my muttered words. I have chosen to take the 20 words in order to then write a poem or story. It is so much fun! Please, if you decide after you have done the free association meme to do as I have and create your own poem or story, make sure, as a courtesy, you remember to give a link back to her site as you would in the original meme. And even if you hate poetry, you may want to participate in her meme, which is the free association part. That is fun for everyone!
  1. Dancer :: belly
  2. Intellectual :: wizard
  3. Direct :: confrontation
  4. Tolerate :: maybe
  5. Post :: secrets
  6. Instinctive:: I am
  7. Brink :: destruction
  8. Regain :: composure
  9. Repulsed :: yuck
  10. Distressed :: not
I do occasional change tense or form of one or two words - poetic license, you know.


She, a dancer,
tossed her belly fat
with wild abandon
in contrast
to her intellectual mind
that created words a wizard
would be envious of.

In direct confrontation she
rarely rose to the challenge,
but cowered.

tolerate change?
Maybe, though
post secrets
told a different story
of following instinctive steps
more than to tolerate sidesteps
or forward marches.

I am, she screamed, on the brink
of destruction!

He reached out and licked her cheek,
a man's fumbled attempt at dealing
with a crisis he did not understand.
Rather than to gain composure
(as he had hoped)
she threw herself onto the chair
repulsed at the dampness on her cheek
and vomited the word, yuck.

He stood, distressed at his wrong doing,
but daring to stand his ground
(he was, after all, a man).

Not for one moment had she doubted
his motivation, only his execution of it.
The hormones subsided hours later
(yes, it took that long).

His dancer,
tossed her belly fat
with wild abandon
in contrast
to her intellectual mind
once again.

PMS, by natural definition was over,
she had survived the alternate definition
both would return again.
(After all, nature will always be
he was man, and loved confrontation)


Copying our words is unappreciated. Sharing by link is. I am using NiƱaLuna's Unsconscious Mutterings words in her order in my poem with permission. . . all she asks is a link back. . . more than fair, don't you think! That is all I ask for my own. . . Thank you.


Heather said...

Wow...great Poem.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Heather - Thanks for the "Wow" and for taking the time to comment.

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