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First - I have put this photo on my other blog, but I love it and it is appropriate for RV Poetry's first photo, don't you think? This is on the water next to one of the WA ferry terminals. There is a huge expanse of water and more mountains. In spite of the ferry terminal there was little traffic that day. You can see for miles and miles (sing it). I knew that day that come hell or high water I was going to RV, but then, if I were in Hell (unless a town by that name) I wouldn't have much of a view. If I were in high water, my RV would be flooded, so let me rephrase that: I knew that day that an RV lifestyle was exactly what my mind had been searching for all those years. . . .

So, let's try and keep this blog organized -- a bit more than my other ones -- by setting up categories from the beginning.

Let's see, the obvious one: RV
Next most obvious ones would be: ReVised Living, ReVisited Values

Hmmm, how about: Citified, Countrified, Stagnant, Active, Boring, Enthralling, Peaceful, Hectic, Long, Short, Intelligent, Dumb, Comedic, Tragic.

Looks like I built in categories in my blog description without even trying! Now, unless someone comes up with more, I'll start with these.

Wait! Wait, wait.

I forgot poetry. Well, maybe. I have a poetry blog and I like its title, MeeAugraphie, as strange as it is, and it has become a pseudonym of sorts. But, knowing me, since I throw a poem or two in my Tumbled Words, among others, I'll throw some in here, despite that poetry in the title was more a reference to the poetry of living life and I did promise some in my first post. So, yes, OK, I talked myself into it: Poetry.

There won't be certain days for certain things like I assign post types in two of my blogs -- because if we pull off getting the actual RV, who knows what or when we will be doing anything.

So, to whomever is along for the ride, whether a quick one, choppy one, or extended. Thank you. Oops, I forgot Photo. . . and I even have one on this post. See y'all around.

And for the record, I will try for more use of the Short category than the Long one.


Clockworkchris said...

I am laughing a little-do you like to talk? This makes me smile because it seems like how my mind works if I don't have a topic to talk about. All over the place. Your topics like citified and countryfied were cute.

Marcia said...

Chris - I love your comments. Yes, I like to talk, too much! Yep, all over the place, too, and in 33 years Leon has learned to almost keep up or act that he is. . . Thanks for commenting.

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