A non poetic entry


Yes! The title for this blog site was my idea, but I had not planned on having to be responsible for the content. MeeAugraphie is the poet in this partnership and, if I may say so, a good one.

When I suggested the idea and title for this blog I envisioned a site for RVers who are are (or not) poets, emerging poets, or just someone who enjoys poetry. Little did I know (but should have) that she would take it in a totally different direction, a direction that is a definite improvement on my original idea.

As for myself I am a performing artist, you create it and I will find a way to present it in an interesting and entertaining way, both orally and visually. I will of course, offer my opinion freely and often, right or wrong, and sometimes it seems as though the later is the case.

That's it for now
I must milk a cow

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