Yes, yet another blog, and though I tend to like variety within one blog rather than a single niche, this one will be more restricted on topics.

You fell for that? Then you must be a new reader, welcome!

In RV Poetry you will find occasional poetry of the written kind as well as life poetry: photos and sound bites -- and -- RVs.

You may, however, find my interpretation of RVs a bit broad or even eccentric at times; you did pick up on that in the description, right? ReVised living, ReVisited values and Recreational Vehicles. I purposely built in a bit of flexibility for content, not wanting to misrepresent. Ah, you are catching on to my need to wander off subject occasionally.

As for the title, Leon came up within seconds of my asking for suggestions! Thank you, Leon!

But yes, we have been to eight RV shows in three cities in 2.5 years (the eighth today, 4 hours of walking). Started out looking at every size, now we are concentrating on around 24 feet, give or take. We'll see what happens. We wanted to RV full time and life realities preclude that for now, but that subject definitely fits in the Revised Living category as well as Revisited Values. Again, we'll see what happens.

Check back soon, but I won't be writing every day here at first. . . so, let your curiosity be satisfied simply by clicking on the RSS feed (for now, in the address bar of your browser). You wouldn't want to miss a photo would you?


Clockworkchris said...

This page is still strange to me-I am going to read it all and make some sense of it-Do you really love RV's?

Marcia said...

Chris, hey, I don't always make sense and Leon will be glad to know someone else didn't make much sense of this page either. It is not RVs I love as much as the idea of seeing places I have never seen and having a reason to be more outgoing. Leon thought I wanted a blog for RVers to post their poetry on if they didn't have their own blog but were so captivated by nature on their travels and wrote poetry - or something like that - I just wanted a blog to write about our RV experiences if we ever pull it off, but once he came up with the title my mind went off on a tangent and you saw the results in the next entry or two, also, I played with RV and stretched it to fit more things. . . so I can't expect anyone to totally make sense of it. . . but I am glad you are making the attempt.

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