Unconscious Mutterings - Too Late

Unconscious Mutterings free association today was much fun! That is all her meme requires from you, just associate. I have found it fun to write a poem from the 20 words, her ten and my ten! If you don't already do her meme, you may want to try it. It is amazing what comes out of our minds. And if you are feeling adventurous, write a poem or story using the words, keeping them in order! But remember, if you do to link back to her meme since you are using it.

  1. Savage :: beast
  2. Warrior :: man
  3. Daisy :: chain
  4. Schedule :: me
  5. Rock, paper, scissors :: paper
  6. Medical :: student
  7. Jade :: ring
  8. Elevator :: path
  9. Drain :: me
  10. Goldfish :: bowl

Those words became:

Too Late

This savage beast
this warrior man
sits, legs crossed
lost in memories
of a battered daisy chain
thrown at him
in disgust on the day
his heart

too late

His schedule, back then
(or so he told her
in as much truth as he could muster)
would not allow such
trivial pursuits as
Rock, paper, scissors.

Paper, she said as he
turned to paint another
black line through her hope

Medical travesty
could not compare
with damage caused
by simple ignorance
of human needs

He was a student
by his description only
for he sat impatiently
at her side, his mind
on work or failure
or success or cannots

he was the man
who would stand
as she dropped
her father's jade ring
the only physical evidence
of his existence
and watch disinterested

as she leaped from the elevator
to the darkness below,
skinned her bony knees
rubbed each finger raw
while searching the sandpaper
path for that connection

Her words tumbled out,
"You drain me
like the toddler
drained the goldfish bowl
to reach the marbles,"
as she
remembered the fish
as it tried in vain
to swim the humid air.
"I will flounder in
wait no longer."

She tossed her daisy chain
at him as she grabbed
another's lifeline.

This savage beast
this warrior man
sits, legs crossed
lost in memories
of a battered daisy chain
thrown at him
in disgust on the day
his heart

too late.


This is, thank goodness, not an autobiography. . . Please do not copy my words without permission. Thank you. I would prefer you link so the link to Unconscious Mutterings remains intact, after all -- it is her initial ten words that prompted me to write!


blondie said...

Wow! I really liked what you came up with. I was totally out of ideas when I saw your list. How long did it take you to put it together???

:) blondie

PS I think I will have to visit Unconscious Mutterings...

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Blondie - Thank you for commenting today! I am so glad you now have ideas, I love finding something to prompt my mind into full gear, some days, half gear is fine, too. I do hope you visited Unconscious Mutterings.

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