Unconscious Mutterings as a Recreational Vehicle

LunaNiña's meme, Unconscious Mutterings, is ten words shared for us, in her words, to have,"Free association fun!" I kept meaning to play along, I even have it on my RSS feed, but I get lost in my own ramblings.

Today, I could resist no more -- I did the free association and then turned it into a poem, keeping the words in the same order, but, of course, adding some. . . I have no idea if anyone else has done this, but cannot imagine I had an original idea. . . These are WONDERFUL prompts for poems or stories. . . and the great thing is that once we have written using all of them, the possible good or gibberish that comes out of them may prompt great stories or poems from pieces.

My free associations felt a bit weak, and this time, I went back and added my thoughts on them in parenthesis, just for the pure heck of it:

  1. Coastguard :: men (oh, yeah, lots of men)
  2. Buddies :: not (I know where that came from)
  3. Nap :: tired (well, I am)
  4. Groan :: yeah (what was I thinking?)
  5. Sitcom :: not (I just don't like the word "sitcom")
  6. Reader :: me (I love to read)
  7. Heroes :: them (so, so many of them out there)
  8. Amazing :: them (was my mind stuck?)
  9. Woman :: yes (and excited I am NOT a man)
  10. Don’t! :: you (maybe a song line in my head?)

That fun exercise became this rambling thought/poem:

Some coast guard(ing) men
are buddies, not
(by the definition he told me
from his Navy years),
they nap when tired
when duty calls
they jump up
(and groan -- yeah, they are
after all, human)

the reader (me, if no one else)
see heroes among them
and amazing thinkers
and amazing bodies, too, (of course)
though only by imagination as they
are wearing clothes and a woman knows
clothes do hide a multitude of sins,
and, yes, I am not so sure some
men don't know it as well
though you men fake your
lack of knowledge well,
after all,
you are human, too.


For those of you who might think my poem worth copying, please don't, link back instead so the link to LunaNiña's meme is intact! I couldn't have written them without her words, too. Thank you.

It was so much fun, I think I will do it every week and maybe go back and do old ones as well. . .
One person's play, is another's prompt.
Try it, it could become the Recreational vehicle for your genius!

How will you alter this Recreational Vehicle?

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