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OK! Let's address the original thought behind this blog, Rving of the traditional kind, in a vehicle wheels and a toilet (thank goodness) and sink. For years now, I have read (more than not) two RV blogs. They are both full time RVers, and although they are following very different lifestyles, they both have a things in common:

  • Full time RVers who love natural settings with gorgeous views
  • Pay close attention to budgets and share them with their readers
  • Take awesome photos of the places they visit.
  • Respond with pleasure to their comments and questions asked.
  • Love the life they are leading
  • Share things they have learned
  • Earn some income through blog related activities
There differences - well a few obvious ones:
  • George drives a Class C (George, I hope I have that right.) Howard and Linda pull a 5th Wheeler.
  • George camps alone as much as possible in the real wilderness or on roadsides
  • Howard and Linda camp at RV parks and parks a lot.
I'll stop listing now, let you find out for yourselves. So, not interested really in RVers? How about interesting personalities? No? OK. Then I will share the other reason to read their blogs: the most gorgeous photos you can imagine of nature in its glory. I have seen views that make me want to just abandon this house, call Leon's boss for him to tell them he quit (I know he would thank me later. . . yeah, I live in a dream world). Of course, that wouldn't work, we would have no RV, no house, a debt (mortgage) to repay, and most likely no sanity. So, I continue to dream. But for now, I reinforce my dream by viewing America as they see it:

Tell them an RVer wannabe sent you, just don't expect them to know which one! There are a lot of us out there.

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