Happy Anniversary, Leon

I have revised my life and revisited my values over our 33 married years. I have lived citified and almost countrified (finally!). We have created our own recreational vehicles for fun over the years: together we have bowled, golfed, partied, entertained, biked, swimmed, sailed, danced, acted crazy (and in one show together), attended plays, watched movie or TV, played with our son and niece, tramped through Disney World and Sea World (and Disney Quest), wandered around stores and towns, laughed together, and so on.

Separately he acted, competed in darts, bowled, and sailed, watched movies or TV, played with our son, golfed, partied.

Separately, I danced, wrote poetry, wrote stories, played on the computer, played with our son and niece, watched TV, walked.

Different activities at different times in different amounts for different time periods, together or apart. . . We found our own recreational vehicles for our lives. . . sometimes they overlapped, sometimes they didn't. Now, to find more.

An RV is our dream for our next recreational vehicle. Will we pull it off? I hope so, but if we don't, I am sure we will revise or revisit and find something to use for our next recreational vehicle! And speaking of finding them, today on our anniversary, we climb into our next recreational vehicle together: For thirty days we will play along together in Script Frenzy. . . wouldn't it be cool if that became the means to our RV?

I hope you are still using and finding your new ones.

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