Life is about choice. If you think about it, every moment of our life involves choice. We either do or we don't. We think we are spending time thinking or planning or even procrastinating, but reality is that every moment we are doing those three things we have made the choice to do those three things and the choice NOT to do anything else for that moment in time.

That scared the heck out of me when I realized that each moment in time involves our making choices. Even if we measure it in minutes rather than moments, the numbers are as staggering as infinity felt when we first learned it in school.

Then I realized that each choice is a domino waiting to fall; its direction determined by one moment's choice. That excites me as much as watching each domino fall in a gymnasium full of dominoes in an intricate pattern that took days to build, knowing how difficult it was to put each one carefully in place without destroying the rest repeatedly and admiring the creators for their work - and patience. But it also scares me, knowing the effect one choice can make on all of us. We all "know" it, but for me the dominoes "show" it. . .

Which way will your next moment's choice cause the dominos to fall - the right way or the wrong way? More importantly, perhaps, have you the patience to start again if you need to and haven't hurt someone else in the process? Can you repair the damage your moment caused? Or was your moment one that lifted someone instead?

You have more moments. Make your choice count and shove the dominoes the kind way, both for you and for others. Life is choice; choice is life. Makes it simple doesn't it, but at the same time it really complicates it.


Clockworkchris said...

Now here you had an idea and went with it. Excellent! I follow and live by this philosophy. Everything is about a choice. You can't "not make a choice" by not choosing because then you have made the choice not to choose. It follow in suit that every small thing you do at any point effects the outcome of the rest of your life. The movie The Butterfly Effect is such a good example. Many others as well, but I like Kutcher. Everytime I start to feel sorry for myself and all the dumb choices I have made in life, I just look into my wive's eyes and realize it worked out perfectly and for a reason.

Marcia said...

Chris - I think you've got it! If we had not been through what we had, however much we would have chosen a different way - where we end up many times can be awesome, then we can hopefully, focus on the here and now and make those good choices.

Yes, I can focus occasionally! Thanks for commenting!

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